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Choosing a Topic For Your Blog

27 Jan

It’s been a couple of days past but still I haven’t figured out what specific topic should I be posting on my blog. As I browse through a couple of sites, I was able to discover some of those blogs that discusses different ways for you to choose the appropriate topic.

Choosing the right topic is a make or break to your blog. It could either entice the reader and be interested to read all the way through the bottom… or simply not read any at all. So it is extremely important that you be cautious to select the topic that you wish to write since it would be the heart and soul all through out.

A successful blog is a collaboration of a creative mind, commitment, passion, time and effort. Choosing the best topic to write would be the initial stage for you to accomplish your goals, which is to lure your readers to read your blog from the beginning up to the end. 

I have listed here some basic tips that you can emulate when choosing the topic that could boost your blog and later on reach your ultimate goal.

Choose a Topic You’re Definitely Passionate About

It’s given and it’s the most obvious one. Though you can also write with other things in mind, it would be wise enough to write those things that you are passionate about. This will not only keep you motivated but also drive your confidence as all the information that you will be sharing will reflect on how you compose each sentence. As for me, I am very passionate about current events, news, politics, showbiz, cars, gadgets, etc.

Catchy and Attention-grabber

Choosing a catchy topic will definitely grab the attention of your readers. This could be anything that is controversial and intriguing since most people love controversy. The more controversial, the better.

Popular and Up-to-Date

One thing that you should know when writing blogs is NOT to write an unpopular and outdated topics. If you want your blog to be read, it should be updated and that most readers could relate. One practical example is that, when writing let’s say a Hollywood starlet that was linked to his boyfriend, and its all over in the news then all of a sudden they broke up but since you are not updated, you may haven’t known and go on with your blog. The result?…well, your sweat and effort would be useless.

You Should Know Your Target Audience

When writing blogs, often times, we tend to forget the geographical areas in which we want to share those information that we want to impart. Since I am passionate about politics, I wouldn’t want to write information about local politics when my target audience would be from the US or other parts of the world. I should not be talking about Pnoy but the likes of Barrack Obama, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, etc. Also, if your blog is about Politics, do not mix it with Fashion, Travel, etc. since it would be senseless.

Put Yourself on Their Shoes

Write a blog as if you’re the one searching for and reading it. Try to imagine and visualize what would you like to know and see on websites that you will be visiting. But make it a point to visualize on a larger scale and not on specific information. But also checkout the balance on the information that you will be presenting. You wouldn’t want an information overload to your audience. Balance would be the key.

The Bottomline

Just be yourself and “blog” the things that you’re passionate about. Make sure it grabs the attention of your readers for them to read up to the bottom. Your blog should target a specific audience so that they can relate. It should not be outdated. Just imagine that you are reader. From there, you will be able to visualize if there’s a room for improvement. Make a list and correct them on your next blog. Enjoy blogging! *^_^*

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To blog or not to blog…

14 Jan

To blog or not to blog…That was a question, I guess for most of us, especially for a newbie blogger like me… I’ve been getting a lot of feedbacks, both good or bad, from friends who are already into blogging. Some are earning huge amount of money and some are not. Some are doing it as a hobby and some are doing it for business.

What is blog or blogging?

But what’s blogging anyway? From one of my favorite site Dictionary.com says, blog or blogging is ” a Web site containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites.” With that alone, I can say that blogging is like a diary or a handwritten journal wherein you can write in everything that you want to, might it be personal or not. The only difference is that you are sharing those information to almost virtually anyone that has access to web.

Breaking dawn.

Blogging can be easy for some but a bit troublesome to others (that includes me, tsk tsk). If you’re not a born writer and still starting to write blogs (that’s me again), well, you have a long way to go. But as that old saying goes, you wouldn’t know it unless you try. So I guess this would be my first and hopefully not the last. As the twilight saga’s subtitle says, it’s the “Breaking Dawn”.

Why some people turn into blogging.

Some people, just like me, are turning into blogging as a way to express their feelings or opinions into something interesting. It could be something that they eat, places that they travel, gadgets that they purchase, etcetera, etcetera. So as you can see, blogging can be everything that you do. For as long as you will be able to share your experiences in a more creative or entertaining manner, so people can relate, I guess that would be the essence of blogging.

Its an opportunity to learn something new.

I started blogging because I want to improve my ability to write. When I say “write”, what I mean is the quality of the contents, the information that you want to share, the feeling that you want readers to feel when they read your work. Ever since, I do not have that much knowledge about writing. The choice of words, the grammar, the topics to discuss, etcetera. This is an opportunity that I want to overcome and later on, improve. It’s a work in progress…(crossing fingers)

Blogging for a living.

Hmmmm…I guess that is what most aim for. The “cachings” that can you get with every click on every ad that you have on your blog. As what I’ve said earlier, some are already earning huge amounts, just by blogging. How are they doing it? Simple…by posting ads throughout their blogs. With just a click of those ads, you will earn revenues. Though its quite small amount as it seems, the accumulated amount can be gigantic. Some old bloggers already have a way to strategize their ads in such a way that it will earn big.

Passion for blogging.

Since the dawn of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, blogging become a global phenomenon as well. Through local internet shops, at home, Starbucks, you can see teens holding their gadgets and if they are not in Facebook or Twitter, you will see that they are writing their blogs. Staring a blog can be very challenging and tedious. This is the toughest phase that you and me need to overcome. So how come, others were able to do it. Well, it’s their “passion”. This serves as their driving force to write creative contents.

So, what do you wanna do? Would you wanna blog to earn something and enjoy what you are doing? Or doing nothing at all?

To blog or not to blog. Your choice! I just did.